Swirl and Defect Removal on this Nissan GTR

Nissan GTR R35 Correction Detail


After meeting us at the Elgin show and shine the owner of this Nissan GTR got the detailing bug. Performing their own protection the car came up great but the more then customer studied and learned the techniques the permanent damage left from the previous owner annoyed the owner more and more. So a date was booked to have these defects removed to provide the customer with the perfect base to build from.

AMDetails Correction Detail


Paint work

  • Lower area of vehicle given citrus wash to break down road grime
  • Door shuts and boot shuts cleaned with AMDetails APC and 1 ” Detailing Brushes
  • Rinse
  • Whole vehicle snow foamed with AM Foam to loosen and break down dirt deposits
  • All the finer details paid attention to with 1 ” Detailing Brushes & AMDetails APC
  • Rinse
  • 2 bucket method with AM Bubbles & AM Genuine Lamb’s Wool ‘T’ Mitt
  • Rinse
  • Tar and iron deposits removed
  • Rinse
  • All paint work and windows clayed to remove further contaminations
  • Another application of AM Foam
  • Full vehicle rinse paying attention to panel gaps and trims
  • Vehicle padded dry with AMDetails Fluffy Drying Towel
  • Full paint work assessment carried out with paint depth gauges
  • All delicate areas and trims masked up
  • Multistage cutting machine polish to remove the defects
  • Single stage refining polish to increase depth, gloss and clarity
  • Head & tail lights corrected
  • IPA wipe down between each stage
  • Vehicle washed with AM Foam
  • Full vehicle rinse to remove all polishing dust and residue
  • Vehicle dried with vehicle drier and Fluffy Drying Towel
  • Final IPA wipe down to prepare panels for protection
  • Protection applied to vehicle (2 x AM Seal, 1 x AM Wax as standard)
  • Exterior trims dressed and protected
  • Chromes polished and protected


  • Windows cleaned inside and out with AM Glass
  • Windscreen polished
  • Windscreen treated with our water repellent formula


  • Exhaust tip polished
  • Final inspection carried out
  • Detailing spray wipe down in preparation for customer collection

On to the matt.


First up was an APC wash.


Whilst the APC was working, we began on the wheels. They look perfectly in proportion to the car but these are not small vehicles. The wheels are 20” to allow for the monstrous brakes. You can also see the car fills the wash pad rather well.

We used Acid free wheel cleaner. Some brushes and our mitt that we use for wheels. So much easier when you can just get your hand in.


Some Snow Foam Shots.


Then it was all the usual intricate areas.


Would appear I then completely forgot to take any more pictures of the wash process…. I really do need to improve my photography skills. But on big cars like this Sometimes time is against you.

So now for some 50/50 – before and after action. Enjoy


The car looked like it had been dried with a wiper blade in the past. These were a bit harder to chase out but we were happy with the level of correction achieved.


The Door,


Rear Quarter


Panel 50/50


Front arch


Top arch curve. Quite tricky to machine.


Spot the large wiper RDS


Another panel 50/50


Passenger door. Was a pain to correct for some reason this door was so much ‘softer’ than the rest of the car. It also suffered from some really deep defects but with a bit of time we finally got there.


Can you tell I was really happy with the door………..?

So this then left us with some afters.

Not all our usual trade mark shots as we also had a Porsche 911 in at the same time so space was tight.

Good thing we are fully insured here at AMDetails, store two vehicles of this value.

The final shots




  • AM Bubbles
  • AM Foam
  • AM Glass (testing)
  • AM Glaze
  • AM Seal
  • AM Tar (Testing)
  • AM Wax
  • AM Wheel Wax
  • AM Wheels
  • AMDetails All Purpose Cleaner
  • AMDetails Clay Lubricant
  • AMDetails Mild Clay Bar
  • Autosol Metal Polish
  • Meguiars Hot Shine Tyre Dressing
  • Menzerna FF85
  • Menzerna PO203S
  • Menzerna RD3.02



  • 3M Masking Tape
  • 3M Polishing Pad
  • AMDetails 1” Detailing & Wheel Brush
  • AMDetails 40 x 40 Microfibre cloths
  • AMDetails Fluffy Drying Towel
  • AMDetails Foam Wax Applicator Pads
  • AMDetails Tyre Dressing Applicator
  • AMDetails Wheel Brush
  • Brinkmann Spot Light
  • Cotton Buds
  • Halogen Spot Lights (Various)
  • Lake County Constant Pressure Pads (Green)
  • Lake County Constant Pressure Pads (Orange)
  • Makita Rotary Polisher
  • Paint Detective – Paint Depth Gauge
  • Tooth Picks
Thank you for reading

AMDetails Team


AMDetails - Dodo Juice Authorised Detailer - Gtechniq Service Centre - Elgin, Moray, Inverness, The Highlands, Scotland