Enhancement Detail

Our Budget Detail for correctional work. Ideal for adding some clarity to any vehicle.

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The Enhancement Detail consists of a single stage machine polish which will remove light swirls / scratches. It can also help to remove blemishes such as oxidations and dull or faded paint work. The whole car will be hit with a single stage polish allowing for correction and refinement in one go. Many people believe that due to fading / oxidation they require a re-spray, but more often than not this is not the case and our simple enhancement detail can restore the love for your vehicle without the high cost of body shop bills.

The service is for the enthusiast on a budget who is just looking to restore the natural gloss to their vehicle. Paint removal is kept to a minimum allowing this detail to be carried out frequently to maintain defect free paintwork.

This correction is great as a gift for your family member or friend. It can also be used as a pre sale ‘spruce up’ resulting in you being able to add more to the value of your vehicle. Most customers easily make the cost of the enhancement back plus a little more profit.


Paint work

  • Full paint work assessment carried out with paint depth gauges
  • All delicate areas and trims masked up
  • Single correctional stage which will correct and refine in one
  • Head lights and tail lights given the single correctional stage
  • IPA wipe down to show true finish
  • Vehicle washed with AM Foam
  • Full vehicle rinse to remove all polishing dust and residue
  • Vehicle dried with AMDetails Fluffy Drying Towel
  • Final IPA wipe down to prepare panels for protection
  • Protection applied to vehicle
  • Exterior trims dressed and protected
  • Chromes polished and protected


  • Windows cleaned inside and out with AM Glass
  • Windscreen polished
  • Windscreen treated with our water repellent formula


  • Exhaust tip polished
  • Final inspection carried out
10-16 Hours 2 day booking
Small Medium Large X Large 4×4







Final price dependant on paint work condition.
Any of our additional mini details can be added at discounted rate but may extend time with your vehicle.
We would recommend that corrections are carried out at our studio.
Our correction details can be carried out mobile if the customer has adequate facilities, a shaded and dry area like a garage is ideal with plenty space to manoeuvre around the vehicle. Access to running water and electricity is required.

Examples of Enhnacement Details


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