Protection Detail

Our Protection Detail will help your car defend against the elements.

AMDetails Protection Detail Image

The AMDetails’ Protection detail was initially designed to protect your vehicle to withstand the harsh winter weather that our cars face in the North of Scotland. It consists of a deep cleaning and decontamination procedure followed by a cleansing and protection phase. This is achieved by removing all the contamination by using our AMDetails Clay Bars and various detailing chemicals. Your paint work is then primed with a pre wax cleanser. We follow this with the protection that the customer has decided on (sealants or wax). Not only is the paint work protected but the wheels, glass, trims, door shuts and convertible roofs are all included in the price. This then builds a shield around your vehicle to protect against the harsh winter.

We have now found that with the interior bolt on, a lot of families are taking this detail to protect their vehicles against the elements inside and out. Our interior bolt on for the winter protection includes having your leather and fabrics, cleaned and protected, which is a very handy feature around young children or pets.


Paint work

  • Paintwork cleansed and prepared for protection with AM Glaze via Dual Action Polisher
  • Protection applied to vehicle ( AM Seal and  AM Wax as standard)
  • Exterior trims dressed and protected
  • Chromes polished and protected


  • Windows cleaned inside and out with AM Glass
  • Windscreen treated with our water repellent formula


  • Exhaust tip polished
  • Final inspection carried out
4-6 Hours 1 day booking
Small Medium Large X Large 4×4








Final price dependant on paint work condition.
Any of our additional mini details can be added at discounted rate but may extend time with your vehicle.
We would recommend that corrections are carried out at our studio.
Our correction details can be carried out mobile if the customer has adequate facilities, a shaded and dry area like a garage is ideal with plenty space to manoeuvre around the vehicle. Access to running water and electricity is required.


AMDetails - Dodo Juice Authorised Detailer - Gtechniq Service Centre - Elgin, Moray, Inverness, The Highlands, Scotland