AM Detailer - Quick Detailer PLUS - 500ml

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AMDetails Quick Detailerwas designed to be used as a drying aid or post-wash wipe down spray. Being safe to use on all surfaces, including matte wraps, it is the perfect maintenance solution for washing between layers of wax or sealant. It leaves paint feeling incredibly smooth, unbelievably glossy, and repels water for weeks.

  • Waterless wash
  • Quick detailing spray
  • Drying aid
  • Dash cleaner
  • Final wipe down
  • Dust remover
  • Spray and rinse protection
  • Clay lubricant


Once the vehicle is clean (wet or dry), apply 1-2 sprays per panel and gently buff the surface with either a soft microfibre cloth or a drying towel. Flip the cloth and buff again until the product flashes away, leaving a streak-free finish.

Matte wraps – apply the product directly to the cloth and use to clean and protect your wrap.

Using as a spray and rinse protecting?

Dilute AM Detailer 50/50 with water (1:1)
While your vehicle is still wet, spray on AM Detailer then rinse down thoroughly for up to 1 months protection. For added protection, spray-on AM Detailer and dry with your favourite microfibre drying towel.

Detailing Tips:

Can be used as a last-minute ‘spruce up’ if your car is on display at a show. Also works great for wiping down interior plastics and gloss areas.

Video Reviews and guides

Miranda Detailing Review 

Our friends from over in America have given their thoughts on AM Detailer and demonstrate some of the key features. Go check it out.

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AM Detailer - Quick Detailer PLUS - 500ml

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