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Out Of Stock AM Glaze - All In One Paint Glaze

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AM Glaze is a unique formula which cleans and protects in one easy application. Its cleansing properties linked with its filling agent makes AM Glaze a multi-use product. AM Glaze will not mark your plastics. It is great for use on paintwork, alloy wheels, metals and chromes, all with a fruity cherry scent!


Ensure the surface is clean, dry and contaminant free, use a foam applicator to apply AM Glaze to the surface, whilst applying a light pressure. Remove any excess with a microfibre cloth and if desired apply a sealant or wax top coat. AM Glaze achieves fantastic results if applied with a machine polisher.

Detailing Tips:

AM Glaze truly is the one stop product. As well as being an amazing paint cleanser it can also restore plastics back to black, returns Vauxhall pink paint back to red and removes clay bar marring with ease by hand polishing.

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    AM Glaze - All In One Paint Glaze

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