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The AMDetails Thumb Mitt is a must have tool for carrying out the two-bucket method correctly. A genuine merino lamb’s wool mitt ensures high quality fibres and durability. The Thumb Mitt allows for more accurate cleaning as the thumb can reach behind door handles and tighter spots. 


Can be used on the hand for those intricate areas or used in a sponge style fashion and then flipped over to be used again. Allowing for longer cleaning times between rinsing and then dunking in your wash bucket.

Detailing Tips:

To reduce the risk of inducing swirls into your vehicles paintwork we highly recommend using the two-bucket method with this mitt. 

To care for your wash mitt, give it a thorough rinse after use. It can be machine washed to free debris but only at a low heat such as 30 degree wool wash – with no detergent!

We prefer to just rinse then give the mitt a quick combing when wet. With regular use and proper care, you can easily get 12 -24 months from our wash mitt.

AM T-Mitt or AM Wash Pad?

The Wash Pad is found to be lighter than the AMDetails Wash Mitt, it also prevents the need to have your hand inside a mitt. Instead, your hand is in the fabric rear pad. However, the thumb part of the T Mitt makes tighter places on your vehicle easier to reach.  Essentially – it's personal preference! 

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