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AM Wax - Premium Carnauba Wax - 30ml

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AM Wax is a quick drying premium carnauba wax which has been designed to protect your paintwork. It has no colour charging impurities or fillers, yet delivers an incredible finish, so it is suitable for all vehicles (except those with matt paint). As our mango scented wax contains carnauba, which has natural gloss enhancers, you can be sure that AM Wax will give a deep glossy shine whilst providing a durable protective coat.


Lightly rub a damp applicator in to the wax. Apply sparingly in thin layers to the vehicle using a damp applicator and allow the wax to haze. Remove excess residue using a microfibre cloth.

Detailing Tips: 

Apply in a vertical and horizontal motion, rather than in circles to ensure full coverage on your paintwork.

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AM Wax - Premium Carnauba Wax - 30ml

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