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Out Of Stock AM Wheels Concentrate 5 Litre

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AM Wheels is a versatile wheel and tyre cleaner designed for frequent use. Its acid free formula easily removes tough stains whilst leaving a streak free finish. Our tangy orange scented wheel cleaner is completely safe to use on all wheel types.


For the best results - spray AM Wheels on to the wheel sparingly. Then work the product in to the wheel with a wheel brush followed by a rinse down with a pressure washer.

To get a deeper clean try using one of our 1” detailing brushes to work the product in to the wheel nuts and tyre valve area.

Detailing Tips:

AM Wheels is also great for cleaning arch liners and tyres.

Dilution Ratios - Water:Product

4:1 - Heavy Soiling

10:1 - General Use

20:1 - Protected Wheels

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AM Wheels Concentrate 5 Litre

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