Gifts for Car Lovers

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7 Gift Ideas for car enthusiasts, valeters and detailers.

These gifts for car lovers are perfect for birthdays, christmas presents and even stocking fillers.
The AMDetails Gift Ideas for Detailers and Car Enthusiasts 2018. This is a quick overview of our essential gift ideas from the AMDetails Team.

Gifts mentioned in this video.

☑️ Tyre Picker -
☑️ Detail Guardz -
☑️ Machine Wall Hanger -
☑️ Rupes Cable Clamp -
☑️ Eat-Sleep-Detail T-shirt -
☑️ Awesome Valeter T-shirt -
☑️ Because Race Car Box -
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In this video the team go through some gifts, we all bought for each other as a laugh after getting our man Eoin the Tyre picker. Some of the gifts would be perfect gift ideas for car lovers.

The Detail Guardz and a fantastic tool that helps with keeping your hose under control when washing your vehicle. The detail guardz prevent your hose from getting stuck under your tyre. Not only that but they also keep it clipped in on the ground preventing the hose from riding up on to your vehicle paintwork. We really love this gift idea for car guys.

The tyre picker was an excellent gift for our friend Eion as he hates seeing stones in car tyres. It may look like some old-fashioned weapon but this gift idea for a car enthusiast. Its simply removes stones from your tyres and Eoin loves it!


Tasha loves the cute, baby blue T-shirt that reads Eat, Sleep, Detail, Repeat. She suggested the red t-shirt to her boyfriend, but he didn't really like it. So I grabbed it and its a fantastic gift for a car lover. 

Are these the best gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend? 

We believe some of these would be christmas gift ideas for my dad. My Dad personally would be the Tyre picker! But possibly becuase he would have it as a weapon ha ha .


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