Maintenance Wash Guide + Alan Chat Vlog

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Maintenance Valet Guide LIVE With Alan from AMDetails.

I had the idea to do a maintenance detail on the AM Van and film it start to finish, so you get a realistic scale of what is involved and the time. I then began to tell you about the future of AMDetails and whats going on at the moment. So this ends up being a 50+ minute Maintenence wash, Start to finish with all the tips. PLUS I tell you all the latest AMDetails gossip.


AMDetails Range + Grit Guard Buckets + Snowfoam Accessories 

Vikan Brushes Long Handle Brush -

Vikan Tyre Brush -

Alan takes you through our AMDetails Bronze Valet. Starting with the alloys, Alan uses AM Wheels and various brushes to clean up the alloy. AM APC and brushes to tackle the arches and tyres. He then moves on to the pre-wash stages of AM APC then AM Foam. Followed by the two bucket method.


2 Comment(s)

23/11/2017, 09:02:49 PM

Alan,really impressed with this approach. Easy to follow, and up close and personal with all the products available either from you or via you. A one stop shop love it.

Alan Medcraf:
10/03/2018, 10:42:38 AM

Thank you, Simon. It's fantastic having you here!

30/08/2018, 08:28:54 AM

Just discovered your channel Alan and really impressed with your style and thoroughness and managed to watch it all the way through without getting bored :-) Keep up the great work and looking forward to working my way through your other videos etc to pick up more tips, thank you.

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