Our Vlogs have gone Daily! - Week 40 2016

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Our Vlogs Have Gone Daily!

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The Video Below is a playlist and will play the whole week.

Sit back and enjoy

**AMDetails Omnibus**

AMDetails Daily Vlogs - Filmed Week 40 - 2016

More Than Detailing - Monday 3rd - Friday 7th of October 2016

A Weekly Vlog from Elgin, Moray based Detailing and Car Care business - AMDetails brought to you by Alan. - Scotland


This week was the first of going daily vlogs. But it was all shot as if trying to fit the content into a 20 - 30-minute vlog.  William, the Baker Manny, has started to watch us on YouTube, so we thought it's only right we give him and the bakery a little plug. Who wants to see more of the goodies?

The Website has been taking up a lot of my time. Trying to get it all sorted and bug-free by Greece is becoming a challenge. But I will keep smashing on and want to get it to a certain point by the time I fly off for the trip.

Big week for both the 'loons' in the AMDetails Team. Scott's final apprenticeship meeting and Jamie graduates from College.

See you all next week guys!




BMW X5 - Gtechniq Coatings
Audi A5 - Protection Detail
Alfa Romeo Gulietta - Maointenance Valet
Nissan Note - Enhancement


Thank you Guys





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