Washing Your Car - Weekend Wash With Chicago Auto Pros

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Washing Your Car

Weekend Wash With Chicago Auto Pros


If you watch Chicago Auto Pros, then you will know Jason very well, and he likes to do the "weekend Wash" video. a Freestyle long-form video when he records himself and his friends doing the weekend wash.

I was out helping Chicago Auto Pros with their 2020 Detailing Clinic, and while there i had the opportunity to clean a car with Jason. So watch the video to see Hot To Clean Your Car using the AMDetails Range. Plus we chat a lot about our business and laugh in the process.

We go through How To Use The AMDetails Range right from cleaning the wheels to Alan's rinsing from the bottom-up method. Starting with AM Wheels and the wheel cleaning I explain a little about AM Iron and how it does what it does. Then on to the bodywork, we prewash the Eman's BMW 3 Series Wagon with AM APC. AM Foam then goes on to complete the process and show you How To Carry Out a Contactless Wash.

AM Bubbles and the Two bucket method next. Then we dive a little into decontamination and AM Detailer.

I hope you get epic value from this session. We had an absolute blast filming it for you.


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