1" Detailing & Wheel Brush

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This small 1-inch detailing and wheel brush is a must have for any vehicle enthusiast. The brush is very versatile and its soft bristles and plastic coating will not cause any scratches or damage to your paint. You can use this handy brushes in the following areas:
Wheels – use to apply wheel cleaner to the face of alloys & ensure the product gets deep into the wheel nut wells
Cleaning around tyre valves and side of tyre walls
For those hard to reach areas such as cleaning around indicators, trims, locks, badges etc.
Vents and grilles
Door handles and door/boot shuts 
Engine bay cleaning
Interior dusting and cleaning

This brush is safe to use on any part of your vehicle and can be used to agitate baked on dirt. 

Detailing Tips
Have many in your detailing/valeting kit! Dedicate them to each role so you aren’t using the same one for your paintwork that you use for your engine bay. 

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1" Detailing & Wheel Brush

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