Rupes Ibrid - Counterweight Protection Shroud / Shield / Guard

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A Must-have protection shield for your Rupes iBrid. which can be damaged due to the nature of what it does. getting ware in the Protection Guard is commonplace.

 The Rupes Counterweight Protection Shroud for iBrid Nano has the part number Part 65.390/C

The Protection Guard on the ibrid also allows you to get closer to areas on the vehicle paintwork as it sets the barrier/limit of where you can machine up to. Runa small piece of tape along  the door handle then you can allow the guard to run along  the tape. Giving you the closest machine possible angle available.

The protection shroud is really easy to replace as you should remove the shroud when switching your Rupes ibrid between dual action and rotary modes.

The counterweight on the ibrid can do some serious damage if not covered by the Shroud. Please do protect your self and your vehicle by making sure your shroud is in place.

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Rupes Ibrid - Counterweight Protection Shroud / Shield / Guard

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