Alan Medcraf Listening to audible books whilst machine polishing

Alans Favourite Ebooks and Podcasts

Whilst working on vehicles and using headphones we can listen to things that educate or entertain.

Alan’s Favourite resource for learning is Audible

Audible is a great platform where you can purchase your favourite books and have them narrated to you whilst you work. Many detailers can easily complete a book in 1 to 2 days.

I then suggest listening to them again and beginning to implement your favourite tips and tricks. Many eBooks have free downloadable content that allows you to dive deeper later when you are at the desk


Get 3 months of Audible for 99p and then the standard £7.99 a month after..
3 months = 3 tokens which will be three ebooks for 99p. CRAZY DEAL


Another great thing to listen to is comedy books or podcasts. Don't restrict your self to just business books either. Listen to things that interest you. These will entertain you and also help keep your mind happy whilst working away making shiny paint.

Alans Recommended Business Books 

Profit first e book
Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

Profit first is a great book on a system designed to help businesses understanding accounting with making the PROFIT THE PRIORITY. Some great tips in here for making accounting simple.


Build To Sell Ebook - Audible

Built To Sell - John Warrillow

An epic book about focusing on your product or service that works. Going all on on how to make that work. Great book on discipline, systems and scaling that KEY SERVICE


The Pumpkin Plan
The Pumpkin Plan - Mike Michalowicz

A great book about the concept of business and weeding out the rubbish to grow the ULTIMATE Business!


 The EMyth Revisited - Michael E, Gerber

A fantastic book that teaches you about systems and how to overcome the "challenges" of business and to prevent your business from failing.

These are just a small selection of books but these will help to  change the way you think and get your mind in the mode for success.



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