Tools AMDetails Use

On this page we share with you all the tools we use in our shop or on our training courses that we do not sell directly via the AMDetails website.

These links if on Amazon do give us a little kick back so thank you for supporting our online course growth with More Than Detailing.


Draper Magnetic COB Light

These are the primary mobile lights we use at AMDetails HQ. At 10w they provide 600lm of light. Perfect for up close and handheld inspection of paintwork.

The magnets allow for the light to be mounted in various handy locations like on the side of your detailing trolley. They come with a mains and a vehicle 12v charging point.


Bonnet Stand


These are not something you will use in your day to day detailing, but in the early days, they can be a great tool to allow you to get the practice bonnet out when you want to have a try with some new products or techniques, or even just to build your confidence in your skills.

These are easy to assemble and can easily be dismantled or folded away to save space when they are not needed.


Microfibre Duster


Ive recently started using these washable Microfibre dusters and they are great. Just makesure you have the duster attached the right way around as there is a plush and a bald side.

The reason i like these is they are machine washable so great for maintaining and keeping in top condition ready for your next polishing session.

Paint Depth Gauges

Looking for a decent Paint depth gauge for around £100.00
Then the CEM Is an excellent addition to your detailing kit. Imported from China, it will take a few weeks to arrive but on paper performs just as well as the 200+ Models

Want a names brand you can trust? Then here is the Sealey TA090
Keep an eye on the Amazon page as there is a cheaper option on PRIME but it sometimes is not the first option you see.



NexPTG Paint Depth Gauge

NexDiag has created a paint depth gauge that is able to quickly and easily measure the thickness of paint on a variety of surfaces. The device is Bluetooth enabled and can be used with the NexDiag mobile app. The app allows users to save and share their paint thickness measurements, as well as get detailed information displayed on a vehicle report.


3" backing plate for dual action polishers

Perfect for converting your current Meguairs G220 or Das 6 Pro into your new 3" polishing machine. This backing plate will allow you to run the Rupes 75mm pads on your dual action polisher.

Official Meguiars 3" Plate.

3M 3030

This is the tape we use every day at AMDetails.Super low tac so reduced the chance of damaging paintwork. While also having enough tac to stick to the areas you need it.

DONT FORGET if you are using tape to protect something use multiple layers of tape.


Pet Drier

We use this drier not only to get water out of those hard-to-reach areas but it can also be used to blow the dust off of your paintwork during the machine polishing stages.

Pad Drying Crates

We use these stackable crates to allow our pads to dry naturally. Hidden in the corner of our bathroom they are left to dry naturally. The crates allow for air to circulate all around the pad. Just lie your pads face down on the baskets and stack them up. You will be surprised how many you can fit in one crate.


Upol Slow Degreaser


We use UPOL slow degreaser to wipe down panels after machine polishing. the Slower action of a product like this reduces the chance of inflicting marring on the surface when removing polishing oils. 


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