New Out Of Stock Rupes D-A Polishing Kit Mixed - 150mm Coarse + Fine + Ultrafine

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Rupes DA Coarse Gel Polishing Trial Kit - 150mm
Plus FREE Rupes Claw Tool

The new RUPES D-A TRIAL KITS include a combination of RUPES products designed for maximum efficiency in every polishing application. All the products included offer incredible performance on BigFoot dual-action random orbital and gear-driven orbital tools but can also work on any brand of dual-action orbital tool. The SPECIAL D-A TRIAL KITS includes all the 3 different D-A TRIAL KITS (D-A COARSE, D-A FINE and D-A ULTRA-FINE) to ensure maximum flexibility and offer the ideal solution for any polishing application. 

Huge Savings

This Kit is the perfect thing to trial the Full Rupes Polishing SYSTEM saving you £93.55 over RRP 

That's nearly 40% Saved

What You Will Receive

  • 1 x 1L Uno Pure (9.pure)
  • 1 x 1L DA Fine (9.dafine)
  • 1 x 1L DA Coarse (9.dacoarse)
  • 2 x 150mm ultra fine Polishing pad (9.da150s)
  • 1 x 150mm DA fine Polishing pad (9.da150m)
  • 1 x 150mm medium wool pad (9.bw150m)
  • 1 x 150mm DA Coarse Polishing pad (9.da150h)
  • 1 x 150mm Coarse Wool Pad (9.bw150h) 
  • 1 x White Microfibre Cloth (9.bf9070)
  • 1 x Yellow Microfibre Cloth (9.bf9060)
  • 1 x Blue Microfibre Cloth (9.bf9050)
  • 3 x Rupes Claw Tool (9.bf7001)

Tools This Kit Is Compatible With

  • Rupes LHR15 - Mki, Mkii, Mkiii.
  • Rupes LHR12
  • Rupes LK900E "Mille"
  • Any Dual-action or Forced Rotation machine that has a 5" 125mm Backing Plate

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Rupes D-A Polishing Kit Mixed - 150mm Coarse + Fine + Ultrafine

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