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Out Of Stock Rupes LHR15 Mk3 BigFoot - Deluxe Kit - DLX

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Built to handle any detailing situation, the new LHR 15 MarkIII is the new frontier of Detailing. The ergonomic design allows for precise paint correction with complete comfort, including curved surfaces and difficult to reach areas. More powerful with a higher RPM level, 30% more efficient, in spite of the 15 mm orbit the machine is equipped with. 

This kit comes with all the accessories you need to get started.

- 1 X LHR 15 MarkIII Random orbital polisher (Ø125mm - Ø5” - 15mm orbit)

- 1 X BIGFOOT tools bag (cod. 9.Z1043/BF)

- 1 X ZEPHIR polishing compound 250ml COARSE (cod. 9.BFZEPHIR250)

- 1 X QUARZ polishing compound 250ml MEDIUM (cod. 9.BFQUARZ250)

- 1 X KERAMIK polishing compound 250ml FINE (cod. 9.BFKERAMIK250)

- 1 X DIAMOND polishing compound 250ml ULTRA FINE (cod.9.BFDIAMOND250)

- 1 X Foam polishing pad COARSE Ø130-150mm - Ø5”- 6”(cod. 9.BF150H)

- 1 X Foam polishing pad MEDIUM Ø130-150mm - Ø5”- 6”(cod. 9.BF150J)

- 1 X Foam polishing pad FINE Ø130-150mm - Ø5”- 6” (cod. 9.BF150M)

- 1 X Foam polishing pad ULTRAFINE Ø130-150mm - Ø5”- 6” (cod. 9.BF150S)

- 4 X Microfiber cloths (cod. 9.BF9010/4)

- 1 X BIGFOOT apron (cod. 9.Z868)

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Rupes LHR15 Mk3 BigFoot - Deluxe Kit - DLX

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