Rupes Uno Protect - One Step Polish & Sealant

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WOW, Rupes Uno Protect is fantastic! This Rupes all in one compound really does give you tremendous bang for your buck. Looking for a single stage polish, they not only remove defects but also fills and protects in one.

We see this being an excellent application for those looking to carry out a simple single stage lift to the paintwork of their vehicle. Yes, its removing defects and also giving you a filling ability massively improving the gloss and finish without jeopardising clearcoat levels.

We love this product for our regular customers who are looking for the “Protection Detail PLUS.”

Our customers can still have a protection detail, but now we can remove some defects with each visit. We are seeing “Enhancement Detail” Level correction after roughly 4 sessions with Rupes Uno Protect. This works out more cost-effective for our customers. Have a Rupes Uno Protect service every 6 months, and you will then have real enhancement level correction after 2 years but massively saving on clearcoat removal levels.

Top with your favourite Wax or Rupes P808 Sealant.


RUPES Uno Protect is an all-in-one compound, polish, and protectant that can remove moderate defects and leave a high-gloss, protected finish, in just one step. Uno Protect produces rapid results with minimal effort making it the ideal solution for express detail services, high-volume detail shops, car dealerships, and auctions.

Features and Benefits:

- Removes moderate-to-light defects in one step.

- Polishes the surface to a high gloss shine.

- Provides a durable protective layer that lasts up to 90 days.

- Easily to apply and remove.

- Compatible with Random Orbital, Gear Driven, or Rotary movements.

- Cutting and finishing can be adjusted with pad selection.

Volume = 1000ml

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Rupes Uno Protect - One Step Polish & Sealant

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