Lavor Snow Foam Lance V2 + FREE FOAM

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Lavor Snow Foam Lance

PLUS 1L AM Foam and Foam Lance Filter FREE

The AMDetails Snow Foam Lance V2 is the next generation in the AMDetails Lance Range. Improved Ergonomics and the new larger-diameter, 1 Litre, bottle design make for a better all-round product.

Create a thick clingy foam easily with the Version 2 AMDetails snow foam lance with very little snow foam product required. This is due to the improved regulator and nozzle. Version two now also comes with a larger diameter bottle making it more stable, and helps to prevent the lance from falling over even when the bottle is empty. The larger diameter neck also makes filling the container much more comfortable, so there is less chance of your AMDetails foam being spilt and going to waste. 

We recommend using around 100ml of foam in the bottle. Top the bottle up with water, then start with the control dial turned all the way to "+". Gradually turn the dial towards "-" until you reach your desired consistency of foam.

What you will get

Your lance will arrive pre-assembled and ready to use.

  • AMDetails V2 Snow Foam Lance Lavor Attachment
  • AM Foam - Wax Safe Snow Foam 1 Litre
  • AMDetails Snow Foam Lance Gauze Filter

What Alan say's on the new V2 Lance.


"It took us long enough to find the snow foam lance that we could trust back in 2017. So the moment that the hype started around the triangle bottles, I knew we would need to find an alternative solution to the tall and thin bottle. But it had to come as standard. Then our supplier managed to make the adaption so that we could have the lance we know, trust and guarantee mounted to a larger diameter bottle. Enter the new V2 lance.


 The new bottle is epic even though in essence so simple. The lance now supports its weight instead of falling over due to being top-heavy. Filling the lance bottle is so much easier for the detailer in a hurry, and we have tried everything we can to pre-empt any issues you may have.


 Need a high-quality snow foam for you lance? We have you covered with 1L of AM Foam free. 

 Not 100% Sure about lance maintenance or like to run your foam lances hard? We include a brand new filter-free with our lances so you can quick and easily make the change. As we all know, no matter how good you are at maintaining them, it will happen right in the middle of a job."


"I trust it so much I've guaranteed it for 12 months!"

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Lavor Snow Foam Lance V2 + FREE FOAM

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