Out Of Stock AM Microfibre Wash - Polishing Pad and Microfibre Wash - 1 Litre

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COVID-19 NOTICE - Due to supplier shortages your AM Microfibre Wash may come in our tall 1L PET Bottle as pictured. Thank you for your understanding. Alan Medcraf - AMDetails

AM Microfibre Wash cleans and revives your microfibre cloths, mitts and drying towels. Its intensive cleaning formula encapsulates and removes dirt, polish, wax, and sealant residue. This deep cleaning technology results in your microfibre products lasting longer and keeping them at peak performance. AM Microfibre Wash is also safe to use on your favourite foam, wool and microfibre polishing pads.

AM Microfibre Wash can be used by hand or in your washing machine.

For general cleaning, use 30ml of AM Microfibre Wash on the coldest possible wash setting. For heavier soiling, use up to 60ml of AM Microfibre Wash. 


Drying tips - We advise hanging your microfibre products to dry naturally or tumble dry on the lowest possible setting. We would always recommend allowing your polishing pads to dry naturally.

Fun Fact - Microfibre begins to degrade at 60°c or 100°F so keep it cool.You can also use our Microfibre Washing Detergent when machine polishing and for handwashing.

During your machine polishing session have a bucket full of water and add some AM Microfibre Wash. When you are done with your machine pads but don't want to clean them straight away. just brush or air blow them out then drop them in the bucket. Our microfibre detergent will start working on the pads the moment they are dropped into the bucket. keeping the polish residue soft. Once you have finished your work you can then hand or machine clean the assortment of pads from the bucket.

1 Litre Bottle

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AM Microfibre Wash - Polishing Pad and Microfibre Wash - 1 Litre

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