How To - Apply and Remove Snowfoam

How To - Apply and Remove Snow Foam
(The AMDetails Way)

This video is a guide to how AMDetails use a snow foam lance or cannon. In the 'how to' we talk about our snow foaming techniques and how they can help to reduce your snow foam usage and get the most from your chosen snow foam. AMDetails believe this is the most effective snow foam technique to use at home or at your professional car wash. 

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Snow foaming is a pre-wash technique (pre physically touch wash such as your bucket and sponge or lambs wool mitt and 2 bucket method) used to get as much of the dirt off as possible before having to physically touch your vehicle during your car wash.

Your chosen snow foam is blasted out of your snow canon or snow foam lance on to the vehicle and left to work for a few minutes before rinsing off. It is in the application of the foam and in the removal that we think the key areas are. The application, in straight lines, will massively help to reduce overlapping your foam or repeating to cover the same area. Thus greatly reducing the amount of snow foam needed per wash during your car washing stages.

Rinsing from the bottom up will help you to focus that pressure washer on each area of the car meaning you won't miss any bits and leave the dreaded dirty missed triangle. usually where people then shout ' You missed a bit' - Car Washing Pun.

AMDetails are an Elgin-based car care and detailing company. Elgin is a city in Moray - The highlands of Scotland So please do bare with the accent. AMDetails are the Gtechniq Accredited Service Centre for the Highlands and Aberdeenshire. We also have our own Chemical range as demonstrated in the video.

The vehicle we used for this demonstration is an Audi Q7. It's previously been treated by us with Gtechniq Crystal Serum. We had this Audi Q7 in with us for an AMDetails Maintenance Valet Gold. So after demonstrating snow foam application many times to get the finished video...... YES, we are cleaning a clean car… So please don’t hate.

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