AMDetails Festive Offer 2021

AMDetails Festive 2021 Closure offer is here!

Over the festive break, AMDetails take some time away, and because of this, we like to Gift you with our FESTIVE SALE.

UP to 30% off STORE WIDE


This year we have something EXTRA.
A FREE GIFT when you spend £65.00.

The Gift app will keep you right and count down to the £65.00 threshold for you. (its the gift box floating at the left of your screen...)

Once you reach £65.00, it will AUTOMATICALLY add your Festive products to The CHECKOUT (where you log in and pay)

They will not show in your basket.

But only when you checkout. It's something to do with how Shopify works, sorry.



For 2021 we have brought back the festive edition AM Detailer Plus. We felt that it needed a friend, and I'm not a massive fan of the cinnamon scent. Selfish, I know.

So AM Festive Bubbles was born. Inspired by Alans festive treat the "After Eight", we wanted to bring a product based on the minty gooey centre of an after eight.

We then, of course, branded it with our festive jumper themed labelling.


So enjoy shopping over the festive break and grab your FREE Festive Products when you spend £65.00+

NO COUPONS Will work. If you have a coupon then you will need to wait till after the Festive sale for it to work.

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