PSRX Maintain Lead in FIA World RX

This weekend the AMDetails team supported our Partnership with #PSRX and attended the FIA World Rally Cross UK Event at Silverstone in association with Speedmachine.

Johan Kristoffersson Getting Air at Silverston RX

The Volkswagen Sweden Polo R Supercars dominated World Rallycross’s first ever visit to Silverstone with Petter Solberg leading on Saturday night. Johan and Petter progressed into the semi-finals in first and third respectively.

For Jim, Eoin and I this was insane to watch and be part of. The buzz from the Team and the Speedmachine event made this another MUST VISIT in 2019. We managed to assist the team a little in the preparation for the weekends large VIP / guest list. It was also helpful to see other situations where the AMDetails Brand and Chemicals could help the team further with their tasks during a race weekend. So we will take these ideas and situations back to the workshop and try to find solutions.

Unfortunately, during the first semi final Johan and Petter had an incident that seen Petter have to retire in the restart after Red flag conditions. But The team did a fantastic job in repairing Johans car and getting it to the final. where johan then pushed on to take the win!

Here is what the PSRX Team had to say about the weekend.

Petter Solberg “It’s so tough to stop like this in the semi-final. We had a good car for the weekend, we were leading overnight and everything was looking good for the final. What happened with Johan was really one of those things, but it always hurts a little bit more when it’s a collision with one of your team-mates.”

“What we can say is that the team has done a fantastic job, the car was so quick here all weekend. Even when the grip was harder to find on Sunday, we still made the Polo work. It’s a shame, it would have been fantastic to keep the run going and to make another final, but it didn’t happen.”

“Hey, this was a tough Sunday for us, but still the team is extending its lead. OK, I have dropped back a little bit, but now we move on and we look forward to Norway. I’m going home.”

Petter Solberg tight to the barrier during Silverston RX


Johan Kristoffersson “I don’t know what it is about me and Saturdays this season; it looks like I’m becoming much more of a Sunday person. But I don’t mind this – the final is on Sunday!”

“Yesterday was quite tricky, it wasn’t the perfect day, but we weren’t far away. We were in the battle. Today Q3 and Q4 went really well, it was great to be leading into the semis. But then things got quite interesting..”

“Even before the start of the semi-final I had a problem with the radio in the car. I couldn’t hear the spotter, we found a way to fix this, but it was a little bit of a stress. And then we got to the first corner, I didn’t make such a good start, I touched with Petter and then I was straight to the barrier. For sure, this was not the plan!”

“For the re-started race, everything was OK. I was a bit nervous for the car, but it was working well. There was a little bit of work to do before the final, but I have the best team in the world to do this work – they were fantastic. I don’t know what it was, but it didn’t feel like I had the perfect pace in the first half of the race and Andreas [Bakkerud] was right with me. In some places it was so slippery, I just had to be really precise and careful.” “For the second half, I said to myself: “OK, just put these laps together…” I did that and it worked. I did the joker on the final lap and it was perfect.” “You can imagine, now I’m happy. It was a super-stressful hour, but we took the win and some good points for PSRX Volkswagen Sweden and that’s all that matters.”

Johan Wins Silverstone FIA World Rallycross 2018

Pernilla Solberg (PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team principal) “Firstly, a huge congratulations to Johan. What a fantastic final for him. What happened in the semi-final with him and Petter was really unfortunate, but these things can happen when we are racing.” “Of course we are all sad for Petter, but when you have both cars in the same semi-final and then both of them on the front row, it can be a bit of a nightmare scenario. We saw some of that today.” “One of the real positives to come out of the situation in the semi-final is the co-operation we made between the organisers, the FIA and all the teams. After the incident involving one of the other cars in Belgium, we were all working to make a better system with the red flag and today we saw the results of all that work. Everybody did a great job, the race director and everybody – we had real clarity on what was happening and how much time we had to work on the car.” “Like I said, it’s tough for Petter, but you know Johan’s third win of the season is really something to celebrate for the team.”


For us here at AMDetails this has been a fantastic event. Making new connections and also learning how we can further help the #PSRX Team. Our goal is to make their race weelends as easy as possible so the focus can be on the team working together to support the drivers to podium finishes. We look forward to seeing the Team again soon. Please do give them a follow guys and show your support  #AMDetailsCommunity

Want to know a super cool fact? The gearbox on Johan Kristoffersson’s Volkswagen Polo R Supercar was pretty busy around Silverstone’s RX circuit at the weekend. He made 1470 upshifts, and 1218 downshifts, totalling 2688 gearbox movements.

Teams’ championship positions:
1 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden     185pts
2 EKS Audi Sport                          163pts
3 Team Peugeot Total                  162pts

Lets do this PSRX - 110%
Alan Medcraf AMDetails

With help from the PSRX Team #ThisIsOurLife #110Percent #AMDetails


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